Nister Finance

The Best Ai powered Investment platform

Let the Ai do all the hard work

Enjoy good profits from your investments by utilizing our advanced Ai in your investment portfolio. Invest, Ai does the work, you earn! 24/7

Premium Investment

When you invest with Nister, you are gurrantteed zero risk of fraud. Your funds are kept in separate brokerage account.

Total Control On Investment

You can pull out your investment at any point in time, no questions asked! 100% gurranteed!

Daily Profits

We insist that each member takes out the profits we have made on his or her account every week.

Refer to Earn

If you love our services, why not refer your friends for some awesome rewards.


Expected profits for all members are above 10% each month.


At least 10% profits each month, continues growth of funds, rewards.


Low prices, Non-Expiry

  • Refer to Earn
  • Cheap Non-Expiry Data
  • Many More
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